Level Up Martial Arts Dojang Precautions

  • Following all applicable federal, state and local guidelines
  • Scheduling your training session will be the only way to secure your spot, minimize crowding at the Dojang, and enable physical distancing
  • Updating our hours of operation to accommodate our new cleaning procedures
  • Requiring all instructors to wear masks while students are entering and exiting the Dojang and regularly wash their hands while at the Dojang; trainers will be required to stay home if they are ill
  • Encouraging members to leave all belongings, gear, and gear bags at home
  • Spraying and wiping down all frequently touched surfaces (doorknobs, countertops, bathroom fixtures, etc.) with sanitizing so
  • Elimination of shared gear (focus paddles, body shields and heavy bags)
  • Elimination of partner drills
  • Taping off designated areas with center dot to maintain the recommended distance between people throughout training
  • Discontinuing the distribution of water via water bottles (Gold River). Please bring your own water bottle
  • Elimination of attendance cards (attendance will be captured by the instructor)
  • Creation of the instructor “box” to ensure compliance with recommended distancing while demonstrating and leading classes
  • Mopping the floor mats and cleaning the entire club each day

How You Can Help

  • Follow all CDC guidelines regarding personal hygiene and stay home if you are feeling ill in any way, or exhibiting any symptoms of COVID-19
  • Take temperature prior to leaving home and stay home if elevated.
  • Leave all belongings, gear, and gear bags at home and enter the Dojang fully prepared with your uniform on and your belt tied
  • Enter and exit the Dojang quickly without standing around in the lobby area – we will signal you when it is time to enter and assign you to a training area when you enter
  • Stay within your marked area, as this helps you maintain the recommended distance from other members who are training
  • If desired, bring your own water bottle and take it to your designated workout space
  • Remove your shoes once inside the Dojang but before you enter the mats and take them to your designated workout space (do not use the cubbies)
  • Do not put your shoes back on until you have left the matted floor
  • Do not remove your belt or uniform until you have left the Dojang
  • Members are encouraged, and may be required to wear masks
  • Register for your LIVE & In Person classes via the links provided
  • Please wait for your children in the car, the lobby will be closed as this will help us maintain the recommended distance from others

Published: August 31, 2020

Categories: Health

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