We are honored and proud of Mr. Travis Sky S. Gama of Level Up Martial Arts Anatolia and Gold River. Over this past weekend Mr. Gama competed in the United World Taekwondo Association’s (UWTA) Final Four and in their Grand National Championship.


Competitors compete all year long and earn points. In October, the competitors with the highest points accumulated are called The Final Four.  These four competitors compete to determine who the winner is.

Gama competed in two divisions in this year’s Final Four on Friday, October 2nd.  He took first place in both the Boys 11 – 14 Poomsae (forms) Divisions with Koryo as the form.  He also took first place in the Open Weapons Division.


On Saturday, October 3rd Gama then competed in the UWTA’s Grand National Championship and again took first place in Boys 13 – 14 Traditional Poomsae (forms) Division. He also took first place in Boys 13 – 17 Open Weapons Division.


It was just a year ago when Mr. Gama competed in the same Grand National Championship Tournament in Reno, NV.  While in the staging area one of the tournament officials asked the group “are there any National Champions here?”  Gama replied, “No Sir, but I will be soon!”  He won 1st place in Boys Poomsae (forms) just 12 hours after earning his 1st Dan Kukkiwon Black Belt.


Mr. Gama is a relentless trainer, practicing every day and taking many classes each week.  He has always been a fierce competitor with a focus on his goal of winning and learning.  He is a selfless supporter of his fellow students and Martial Artists and does so with a humble heart.

Mr. Gama is currently one of Level Up Martial Arts Anatolia & Gold River’s Junior Leaders and continues his training to test for his 2nd Dan Kukkiwon Black Belt in the Spring of 2021.


Published: October 4, 2020

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