Happy Holidays from United Martial Arts Academy

To our Joyful Little Dragons, whose kicks and goals reach higher every day.

Our Inspired Intermediate and Advanced Belts, who face and overcome challenges in front of them on their way to Black Belt.

Our Devoted Parents, who prioritize TKD in their busy schedules! Who greet our staff with a smile.  And who partner with us for their children’s success.

To our Determined Adult Students, who cheer one another on as they discover new levels of physical skill, mental focus, and emotional strength.

Our Dedicated Black Belts, who lead by example! Strive for excellence! And are humble enough to help those who are just beginning.

To our Passionate World Class Instructors, who never tire of connecting, correcting, and communicating, because they love to help their students grow.

Thank you for another incredible year of commitment and encouragement!

We are honored that you have chosen, and continue to support our dojang! We can’t wait to provide you with even more great experiences in 2022!