Courage is the ability to do something difficult despite risk or fear. This can be a challenging character trait for kids to understand. The story about courage shared below, teaches kids about the various forms of courage, whether physical, emotional, social, moral, spiritual, or intellectual, and why they matter.

As my 9-year-old stood opposite his sparring partner for his first match, his legs began to shake. I watched his chest rise as he took a deep breath and pulled his arms up into a fighting stance as he looked at the other boy. I held my breath for what seemed like 5 minutes. “I did it!” he smiled, sweat around his face.

“You did! You must feel so proud!” cheered his instructor.

Later that day, we talked about sparring for the very first time being an act of courage. Kids develop courage as they grow and take on more physical, emotional, social, moral, spiritual, and intellectual risks.

Climbing a tree, standing up against bullying, or confessing to Mom that they were the one who ate the Oreos are all acts of courage that kids can easily relate to.


  1. Do you hear how the characters in the story demonstrated courage in the face of adversity?
  2. Have you every had this sort of experience?