Every year, during the summer holidays, David used to go mountaineering in a dense, hilly area with his friends. This year he was headed to Texas for the same reason.

The guide took him to a famous mountaineering spot. David and his friends did not think that there would be such a crowd here. People were everywhere.

A friend said, “Dude, there is a crowd like a city here. Do we still want to climb here?”

“What can we do. Now we have come, so what is the benefit of feeling sorry? Let’s enjoy ourselves.”, David replied.

The friends started climbing, and in no time reached the top of the hill.

There was already a huge flow of people there. The friends thought they would camp for two-four hours and then go back. David pointed to a peak in front and said, “Wait, look at that peak. There are only a handful of people there. How much fun it must be? Why don’t we go there?”

“There!” a friend said. “Hey, it is not easy for everyone to go there. I have heard about that hill and how difficult it is. Only a few lucky people can reach it.”

Some people made fun of David and said, “Brother, if it was so easy to go there, we would not have been sitting idle here!” David did not listen to anyone and went alone towards the peak. And three hours later he was on the summit of the hill.

On reaching the top, people already present welcomed him and encouraged him.

David was also very happy to reach the summit and now he could enjoy the beauty of nature in peace.

David asked the other people there, “It was not so difficult to climb. I think that if you can reach that crowded peak, if you work a little more, then this peak too can be touched. Why is it that there is a crowd of hundreds and only a handful of people here?”

A veteran mountaineer present there said, “Because most people are happy only in what they find easy. They don’t think they have the potential to get much more than that. Even those who get a little something aren’t happy, but they don’t always want to take the risk to get more. They are afraid things might be too hard, so they do not even let go of what they have. While the reality is that to get the next peak or the next destination, you just need to give a little more effort! Not being able to show courage, most people remain as part of the crowd their whole life as they keep complaining about those handfuls of courageous people who they call lucky.”


Don’t stop yourself from putting out that extra effort. A little courage can get you out of the crowd and allow you to join the handful of people the world calls lucky.