Once there was a little girl named Aila, who belonged to a very poor family. Her mother was sick. Aila was the eldest of her siblings, so she sold homemade bread on the street every day. As usual, she left her house and stood on the street near the bushes to sell her bread, but a mean-looking man made her leave her normal spot. She was upset, but not discouraged. Instead, she moved to another place and found a spot near a park in the open. The weather was nice and windy, so she felt pleasant, and started selling her bread.

A woman came soon after and confronted her for selling bread in the open park. Unfortunately, Aila had to leave that spot as well. She was sad because she had to stand at an unusual spot to sell her bread. Instead of getting discouraged and going home, she chose to stay and continue to sell. With a gentle smile on her face, she started selling her bread again. Coincidentally the new area belonged to rich people. A lot of people bought bread from her out of sympathy. Soon it started raining but thankfully her new place was under the shelter. Before evening, she sold all her bread and made her way home.

On her way home, she saw everything in the park getting wet due to rain. Aila was happy that she didn’t have to sell her bread standing there. She walked past her spot near the bushes and found out that a snake came out of the bushes and bit the man who made her leave. Aila was grateful for the changes that were made, and happily made her way home with the money she made from selling her bread.


Don’t let adversity impact your positive outlook!  Adversity can lead you to positive outcomes.