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Once upon a time, there was a King who announced a massive prize for the person who presented the best fruit. The only condition was that everyone can bring only one. Most of the people were farmers, and their cultivation of fruits was famous in the surrounding kingdoms. Everyone was excited and started finding their best fruit. There was a little boy whose father only owned vines of grapes. When he heard about the King’s announcement, he was very thrilled to participate.

He and his father went to their vines and picked the grape that looked the shiniest and tastiest to them. He washed it clean and wrapped it in a clean tissue paper, waiting for the next morning.

The next morning, everyone made their way to the palace. The boy carefully held his grape. Upon looking around, he found people showing up with a unique variety of watermelons, big apples, plums, and all sorts of fruits that were bigger and looked much tastier than his grape. He felt a little discouraged but didn’t lose hope.

Everyone was standing in a line and entered the palace one by one. When it was the little boy’s turn to enter, he found that the King had asked everyone to swallow the fruit they brought. Whoever could swallow their fruit would win the prize. This made him very happy as his grape was very little and easy to swallow. He won the prize.


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