Family Martial Arts

United Martial Arts Academy Family Martial Arts

Our Family Martial Art Classes are designed to improve your physical condition and prepare you and your family to test for your black belt and beyond.

Discounted rates are available for families of 3 or more. Inquire today for more information.

Class is designed to:

  • Improve physical fitness
  • Teach sparring
  • Teach weapons skills
  • Teach safe board/brick breaking
  • Tain in self-defense
  • Earn belts through testing

What will be required:

  • Give 100% of your effort every time!
  • Have a positive attitude while trying hard!
  • Be respectful!
  • Have a ton of FUN!
United Martial Arts Academy Family Martial Arts

Do you have everything needed?

10 Reasons Why You Should Train in Martial Arts

  1. To learn to protect yourself
  2. To increase concentration, & focus
  3. To develop good social skills
  4. To gain self-respect and respect for others
  5. To increase confidence and self-esteem
  6. To develop healthy fitness habits
  7. To learn how to be helpful and considerate
  8. To perform better in life, school & beyond
  9. To develop a winning attitude
  10. To get active and have fun!