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Senior Oriented

Silver Dragon's Martial Arts

This program is designed for the person that wants to remain active or to become active.
Typical students are 60 years and older or, adults with physical concerns.Class is designed as a low to no-impact class:

  • No Groundwork
  • No push-ups
  • No sit-ups
  • No sparring
  • No board/brick breaking (unless you want to)

What will be required:

  • Giving 100% of your effort
  • A positive attitude while trying hard
  • Weapons training
  • Self-defense training
  • Having FUN!
  • Belt testing (in class)
  • Black Belt testing


10 Reasons Why Seniors Should Take Martial Arts

  1. To build strength and agility
  2. To gain balance, flexibility, & coordination
  3. To increase concentration, focus, & memory
  4. To strengthen immune systems
  5. To develop healthy fitness habits
  6. To meet new and like-minded friends
  7. To learn to protect themselves
  8. To increase confidence and self-esteem
  9. To develop a winning attitude
  10. To get active and have fun!

Contact us for an awesome 4 Week TRIAL OFFER that includes a FREE Uniform & Belt! *

* If purchasing multiple trials, please submit a unique form for each individual