Just a few days until all our children are back to school!
Going back can sometimes be a little tough. Unfortunately, there can be an abundance of stress for kids and parents too! With the amount of school missed last year because of lockdowns and isolation, many don’t feel ready to go back. With virtual learning, many children lost the discipline to sit still and focus when required. We are seeing a huge number of children that have lost important social skills. This can lead to more stress and poor communication skills.
Kids need martial arts NOW more than ever!
Parents, we suggest that you act now before you have a real problem. The importance of having fun, working out and being around positive influences can change the path of a child’s life.
At United Martial Arts Academy, we teach our students about handling stress and how to feel confident. We teach children techniques to deal with and manage their anger and give them tools for coping with any situation that may arise at school or at home. There are so many additional benefits from training in Martial Arts – we are more than just a physical self-defense class.
Empowering lives in Rancho Cordova!

Published: August 31, 2021

Categories: Health, Life Skills, Training

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