The Japanese raise a tree called the Bonsai tree. It is beautiful and perfectly formed, however; it is short.

In California, we find a forest of giant green trees called Sequoias. General Sherman has become the name of one of these giants.  It extends into the sky 272 feet and measures 79 feet in circumference. This tree is so large that if we cut it down, it would produce enough lumber to build 35 five-room houses!

The amazing thing is that at one time, the Bonsai and the General Sherman were the same size. They both began as tiny little seeds. However, when the Bonsai tree started to grow, the Japanese pulled it from the ground and tied off its tap- root. This stunted its growth.

Unlike the Bonsai, the seed of the General Sherman was planted in the rich, fertile soil of California. It grew in an environment that got plenty of water, nutrients and sunlight.


  1. The reason I share this story with you is because the difference in these two trees is an important life lesson. This month we are talking about developing a positive attitude versus having a negative attitude.
  2. When you develop a negative attitude, you stunt your growth. It’s as if you’re the Bonsai tree and you just tied off our taproot.  You will never develop your potential and become all you are cable of becoming, if you have a negative attitude.
  3. If you develop a positive attitude, it’s like you are the General Sherman that’s growing with plenty of nutrients, water and sunlight. Developing a positive attitude feeds your mind and your spirit healthy, life-giving nutrition that helps you develop your potential and become your best.
  4. Neither of these trees can control their destiny. Neither of these trees can decide for themselves what they will become, but you can. You can choose the kind of person you want to be, positive or negative!