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Once upon a time, a curious man decided to set up an interesting competition in the woods. The rules were simple. All competitors must follow the path, find clues in the shape of yellow ribbons, and dig out the treasure box buried under the ground. People were thrilled about the unique competition. Since it was a game of ‘who would find it first’, it was obviously a racing competition. Almost all the competitors were fit young men who were confident in their speed.

Among those healthy men was a young man, Stefan, who recently had foot surgery. He hadn’t recovered yet, so he limped every time he walked. A lot of people laughed at him for even participating against so many strong and healthy men, but he wasn’t discouraged. He had nothing to lose so he decided to give it a try and do his best. As soon as the organizer fired a shot in the air, men started running towards the woods as fast as they could. Stefan tried his best and ran only a short distance, as expected. His feet started hurting and he had to sit down under a nearby tree to rest.

He wasn’t even able to run much. He lied down and started looking around. Suddenly his eyes landed on something bright. It was a yellow ribbon that was hanging down from one of the tree branches. He immediately sat up. It can’t be a clue! He thought to himself. Why would the organizers put a clue so close to the starting line? He followed the ribbon, and soon after he found another. He felt a little hope as he slowly followed the clues that led him back to the starting line.

Finally, he reached the line and found the mark that indicated the treasure. It turned out that the organizer chose to test their observation skills, not their speed. That’s why he buried the treasure next to the starting line. He knew most of the participants would run towards the inside of the woods and would miss the clue at the beginning.


Don’t let challenges effect your attitude. Remain positive and open to positive outcomes.

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