There are different ways to use self-control; there is physical control – how we learn to control our body, and there is mental control – how we learn to control the focus of our mind and attitude. There is also emotional control – having control over our emotions. 

This week we are talking about controlling your emotions and developing patience.   

Patience is the ability to endure calmly. It’s accepting delay without getting angry or upset. Examples of patience are: 

Patience doesn’t sound like much fun, but patience is essential, especially if you want to be a Black Belt and succeed.  Every successful person has patience.  Why? Because most of the important things take time. 

  • It took the Wright Brothers over six years to invent the airplane.
  • Thomas Edison invented the lightbulb after it took him over 1,000 tries!
  • Henry Ford went broke and failed 5x at business.

If the great inventors of our time did not have patience, you wouldn’t be enjoying things like cars, computers, electricity, or the internet. 

Patience is like a muscle; the more you exercise it, the stronger it gets. When do we develop patience?  EVERY DAY!  Every day presents us with opportunities to develop our Black Belt Patience.

  • Every time you wait your turn before speaking – you develop patience.
  • Every time to persevere without quitting – you develop patience.
  • Every time you keep your cool without getting angry – you develop patience.

Key Takeaway

Being a Black Belt is a lifestyle.  We live the life of a Black Belt by using everyday opportunities to develop the character of a Black Belt. 

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