Begin by doing this exercise:

  • look around your surroundings for 20 seconds. Then, look for as many things as possible that are RED color.
  • Next, close your eyes. Tell someone all the things you saw that were BLUE.
  • Open your eyes. Look around the room. Do you see more BLUE?

Notice, when you looked for the red, all you saw was red.  You didn’t see the blue.  The blue was there, but you didn’t see it because you weren’t looking for it.

In life, we tend to find what we’re looking for. So, if we look for the good – we’ll find it. But if we look for the negative – we’ll see that and ignore the good.  

Taekwondo teaches us to develop our potential by being a “good finder.” By looking for the good in ourselves, in others, and situations. That’s how you develop yourself in a POSITIVE manner = by controlling the focus of your mind and looking for the good!

Key Takeaway

Be a “good finder.”  Always look for the good in yourself, others, and in situations.

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