We need Self-Control; if we don’t learn to control our emotions, we say things and do things that can hurt other people. 

Losing our temper and saying hurtful things is like this piece of wood. (Take a nail and drive it into the wood.) This is what it’s like when someone says or does mean things.

Once they realize what they’ve said is wrong – they can apologize (remove the nail), but it always leaves a mark. We’re better off learning to control our emotions so we don’t get angry or lose our temper. 

How can we develop Self-Control when we feel ourselves getting angry?  Here are a few ideas:

  • Leave the situation and go for a walk.
  • Ask for help. Ask a parent or teacher to help you calmly resolve the situation.
  • Remind yourself that people are more important than whatever you’re arguing about, and if you continue to get mad – you’ll probably regret it.
  • Remember that this situation is a gift and an opportunity to train for a Black Belt using Self-Control. 

Key Takeaway

Learn to control your emotions so they don’t control you and cause you to do something you will regret. 

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